Elliott St. presents beautiful handmade artefacts for delightful living experiences.

    We showcase exceptional contemporary craft and fine art, promote sustainability in contemporary craft practice, and celebrate unique aesthetic.

    Our collections include jewellery and accessories that are made with reused materials, ceramics that have been handthrown, and visual art which celebrates the natural environment.  These pieces have been consciously curated to bring exquisite joy to your home and lifestyle.

    Products are sourced locally in Australia, through ethical and transparent relationships with makers.

    Elliott St. About me

    About the curator:

    I'm Stella, a Brisbane-based mum of one. I've studied Visual Arts and Community Development and am interested in how these areas intersect.

    I grew up in a dilapidated Queenslander on Elliott Street. Our home was a hub for creatives, activists, hippies, and many children.  
    I've brought my childhood home into the virtual world with Elliott St., a curated online store of exquisite artisan products, made locally and ethically by master craftspeople.